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Welcome to Stress Less TRE Yorkshire

Rachael Culver Dodds
IFS informed TRE Provider
"Weird and Wonderful - Wow!"


TRE is a fairly new approach to health and healing. It stands for Tension and Trauma Release Exercises, created by Dr David Berceli over 25 years ago and now used by millions worldwide.

In a nutshell, 7 gentle exercises induce natural tremors that people really seem to enjoy.  It is easy to do: all you need is a qualified teacher and then the time and space to practice.
Yes! Nothing in: nothing out.

TRE is a natural, safe and effective way for people who prefer not to use drugs to release the effects of tension and trauma (including excess fight/flight hormones) from the body.

Added to that, once learnt, TRE is a technique that you can use for the rest of your life with ease to remain in a state of calm, peace and joy. Who wouldn't want that?

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Do you suffer from anxiety, stress or depression?

Would you like better sleep?

Do you live with chronic pain?

Would you like more energy or calm in your life?

Do you need more flexibility?

Would you like to alleviate symptoms of PTSD?

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Because we all have a
body-mind to maintain, the simple answer is: everyone. Time, extreme exercise, daily stress and dramatic life events all have an impact on both the body and the mind, leaving their imprint and potentially harm. TRE releases deep tension and rebalances our whole organism.

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Regular classes are available online for existing shakers.

People new to TRE or those wishing to deepen or progress their tremoring experience take a 1 : 1 or small group session.

To find out more call Rachael on 07905 716516


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