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From Teaching French to TRE

Rachael Tensmuir Beach Oct 2019 (24).jpe
Rachael Culver Dodds


I first encountered Tension and Tauma Release Exercises (TRE) in 2016 and thought it strange and amazing. It was created by American social and body worker David Berceli to help innocent victims of war in the Middle East to literally shake off their trauma. I learnt that it can help pretty much everyone to re-balance the body and mind as they are thrown off kilter by the stresses of daily life, just as much as the survivors of major events.

So how did I go from French to TRE?

My interest in the body and healing began at the age of 14, when my dream was to become a surgeon like my relatives. Failing Physics ‘O’ level gave me the chance to follow another passion – for communication. I studied romance languages in Birmingham, Madrid, South America and the south of France. For 10 years I worked in marketing and kept up my languages on the side. During this time medical training called again and I joined the Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron of the RAF auxiliaries, which ultimately involved serving in the first Gulf War.

I took a career break to have my children and then taught languages for 12 years, during which I maintained my medical interest as a first aider.

In 2018 I developed a passion for TRE after leaving a stressful job. Practising 3 or more times a week has significantly reduced my migraines and led to a new calm in my life; people I have taught report feeling “very calm”, “happy and elated”, “more in my body…relaxed in my mind” and “more balanced” as a result of just one session. Try it!

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