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​“I’m now off my anxiety medication!  I felt so much better, very different inside: it’s the best thing I’ve ever found to manage me"  (H)

“Thanks for a great session. I slept well and had lasting pain relief” (J)

“Marvellous TRE session! It enabled me to glimpse my vulnerability and deep-seated sadness about my relationship break-up. I can really see the importance of visiting oneself on that visceral, neurological level.” (L)

“Relaxing and therapeutic” (M)

“I have reflected what has changed to make me so unsettled and angry all the time…no TRE. When tremored again it felt so good to be back” (J)

“I loved the feeling I had after tremoring; calm and in flow” (H)

“Thank you, Rachael. You have added to my experience of what is possible” (A)

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